BROJECTS – Season 4 – EP13

Welcome to the high tempo world of Brojects! An internationally broadcast family-friendly factual-entertainment show featuring two brothers competing against each another, to make the wackiest home DIY inventions. It's almost more about the comedy than about the inventions themselves.

I edited the latter half of this episode (another editor and I tag-teamed on it as it was the last of the season and the staggered shooting schedule meant less time for post-production). In it, brothers Andrew and Kevin and their friend Walker, attempt to build their own walk-in shower. It's a crazy idea that...kind

I've edited a bunch of episodes for this series. It's always an interesting editors are just given a hard drive with up to 20 hours of quad-multicam (or more footage), and just told to make the show.

No notes, no nothing. We sit there with our hard drive of shot footage and put the show together, write and record our own temp VO, and then screen it and see what the producers think. But by now (we) the editors know what they're looking for; high tempo, frequent laughs, and showcase the sibling rivalry and their failures (and there are a lot of them!).