A co-director / co-producer / co-writer / co-videographer / co-editor collaboration with Marcus Matyas.

Made for almost no budget (obviously!) we did this as a bonus freebie video for her music label when we had some spare time while producing our other music video.

We DIY made a snorricam, strapped my old Canon pocket camera on it (GoPro's had absolutely terrible quality back then!), an iPod and speaker to the back of Danielle and set her loose in a bunch of locations throughout Toronto.

Then during the editing stage, we had nearly 20+ full runthroughs of the song in various locations. So Marcus and I started by each making our own 10-multicam timelines, wherein we chose what we liked best. Then we realized we could just showcase our edits side-by-side for maximum effect! Pretty fun / simple one day shoot / one day edit.