HISTORY CHANNEL – Faigie Libman’s Story

A short documentary piece I edited for Fight To The Finish for the History Channel. Note that for this piece, I only did the video / story editing (no motion graphics).

You can watch it at the History Channel website here: https://www.history.ca/shows/fight-to-the-finish/video/fagie-libman-discovering-helmut-rauca-is-alive/a24d5d08-2449-11eb-b2b1-0242ac110003/

And here's the History Channel's description for it:

"Remembrance Day Special Fight to the Finish - Premieres November 11 9EP Fagie Libman survived the horrific #concentrationcamps of #WWII. After relocating to Canada with her mother, in 1982 Fagie makes the startling discovery that a Nazi soldier who tormented her and her family has been living only a few streets from her."