Now You See Me – 15 sec spot

This 15s cutdown was created from the 30s spot I edited.

As noted in the 30s spot, the client's directions were pretty extensive; effectively they wanted to create a wholly original spot, containing an original structure, original titles, completely new cut of the music, and even an original animation of the distributor's logo to match the feel of the film.

First on my to-do list, taking the distributor's corporate logo and giving it a "magical exploding pixelated" effect. This was done using After Effects and the shatter plugin, along with some animated optical flares. That animation then became the "official" distributor logo to be used on all Canadian spots for this film.

Second, they wanted animated critic review cards to match the look of the film and to carry a nice epic impact. Done!

Third, they wanted a completely original spot, following their chosen dialog. Done!

I edited this in Avid, all the graphics and animations were done in After Effects, and the mix I also did in-Avid.