THE SPACE WE HOLD – 15s trailer

I edited all the trailers and Facebook / Instagram / YouTube promos for "The Space We Hold", the Interactive Web Documentary companion to the Award Winning documentary, "The Apology"

This particular 15s version was meant to appeal to users on social media; those who might have their speakers off or might not normally stay to watch something of this subject matter.

I was given the website, screen recorded the experience in a way to best tell the story I wanted to present, and was left on my own to come up with promos that would meet their required lengths.

Often for promos for interactive documentaries, it's not just about video editing, as you also have to do a screen recording of yourself, attempting to mimic how an actual user would behave and time things out in a fashion that works well for promotional materials. There's an art to it for sure...which might be why I keep getting called back to edit promos for web documentaries!

Also, my promos were used in awards-applications for the website and it won the "Canadian Screen Award for Best Original Interactive Production".