Vanishing Point – Trailer – 2 min

Edited only from the feature film, I was asked to make this trailer, covering the following areas of interest; reconnecting with your heritage, exploring new lands, and understanding what it means to be a Polar Greenlander / Canadian.

To make the trailer, I had the feature film, split audio tracks and transcript. It is such a stunning film, with so many BBC Human Planet worthy moments in it and amazing storytelling, that picking shots for a trailer was almost self-evident.

One of the concepts I pitched to the filmmakers early on, was introducing motion graphic title cards to set up the exposition / abridge some of the more narration-heavy portions. I proposed having title cards where certain words fade away, revealing a few words that are either contradictory or juxtapose nicely with the background imagery, in order to show the rapid and drastic spiritual, economic and environmental change that is taking place in the north (I'm sure my high school english teachers right now, would be quite proud if I mentioned "dialectic" here, but I'll resist for now...)

And in order to pace out the trailer, I sourced out a production music track.

And best of all - you'll soon be able to watch the feature film for free online: